Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Some of Sunday nights effort

Last Sunday I worked a bit on my kneading, still find spiral kneading turns out like some kind of perhistoric shell creature but double handed kneading I can do so I think Istick with that. Practiced drawing up cylinders and worked on my idea for mugs the two on show are the least wonky and will get their handles as soon as they harden up but its just so cold in the shed it takes ages to get pots to leatherhard!


  1. Hey Adam , I got myself a small greenhouse heater that keeps the shed toasty and I also move pots into my house and they are leatherhard within a night. Not very practical I know but it works for me. :)

  2. Hello Adam,

    Good to see you've started a blog. Glad the SPA group thing has been useful to you. There are lots of videos on Youtube.
    Are you comming to Kindrogan? I can highly recommend it.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Matt and Hannah

    Thanks for the tip, will take some stuff in doors. I am keen to get to Kindrogan but it sadly clashes with both my wife's birthday and then its Mother's Day so me and the weans will be treating her to pizza at the Souter Creek in Cromarty (does the best wood fired piazza). There's an Autumn workshop as well (?) so will try and get to that as well as potfest.


  4. That's a shame. Not sure where the autumn one is to be yet but there will be a couple of other things throughout the year too.

    Keep posting.